APPRECIATE the new magazine now available


The sunrise as a metaphor for a new way of thinking

Sunrise heralds in a new day

Appreciative Inquiry enables persons and organisations to see things in a new light…even to adopt a new attitude and outlook…to  discover strengths within.

This new digital magazine is now available for iPhones and iPads in the iTunes store and on Apple’s Newsstand.

There is an updating process in progress (in Feb 2016) so please excuse any delays. We expect and hope it will be concluded before the end of Feb. 2016

It is now also available for android devices at the Google Play store here


See iTunes Preview here




APPRECIATE the digital publication will present a wide variety of ideas, ways of thinking about, seeing and doing things that have helped people and organisations improve.
It will provide subscribers with tools and strategies that not only lead to success but are intrinsically enjoyable.


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Organisational Development


Does your organisation need to improve – to change?


We invite you to consider a powerful way of introducing effective change; of “making things happen”; by using a process called SOAR.

SOAR is a strengths-based “whole system” approach to building cooperative, strategic capacity.


SOAR is an integrated method of strategic planning and a philosophy that works for all organisations. It is an appreciative approach that generates energy and enthusiasm for identified possibility.



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