APPRECIATE the new magazine now available


The sunrise as a metaphor for a new way of thinking

Sunrise heralds in a new day

Appreciative Inquiry enables persons and organisations to see things in a new light…even to adopt a new attitude and outlook…to  discover strengths within.

This new digital magazine is now available for iPhones and iPads in the iTunes store and on Apple’s Newsstand.

There is an updating process in progress (in Feb 2016) so please excuse any delays. We expect and hope it will be concluded before the end of Feb. 2016

It is now also available for android devices at the Google Play store here


See iTunes Preview here




APPRECIATE the digital publication will present a wide variety of ideas, ways of thinking about, seeing and doing things that have helped people and organisations improve.
It will provide subscribers with tools and strategies that not only lead to success but are intrinsically enjoyable.



Whilst each edition will contain or feature articles and case studies of successful applications of the philosophy and process called Appreciative Inquiry, it will also include various other strengths-based and/or positive focused approaches to change and improvement stories.


Following on from the magnificent Business as Agent for World Benefit, BAWB ( today The Fowler Center for Sustainable Value) success stories we will also publish stories of businesses, organisations and individuals that have innovated and adapted to their challenges in interesting and inspiring ways.


Subscribers are requested to forward stories of similar success or leads that could be followed up as we are keen to continue this practice of sharing (publishing) good news stories in this (Appreciate) magazine.


There is much to appreciate in the world. Stories that reflect innovative or even existing vitality and abundance are often simply not widely known. With the help of our subscribers we hope, in our own publication, to redress that fact.



This magazine will focus on “the good stuff” and welcomes suggestions and contributions that move in this direction.


Just for the record it is the publisher’s (my) view that “the good stuff” is a sort of philosophical handle for all that that contributes to the benefit of the ‘whole’ (of Society) especially when looked at through the lens of future generations not yet born.






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