Welcome to the Appreciative Inquiry Network

Welcome to the Appreciative Inquiry Network – an Australian portal devoted to all matters relating to this growing methodology. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has been used in many contexts including the revitalising of organisations (Organisational Development) and facilitating generative responses to change (Change Management).


Speaking generally the material on this site contains material that reflects the positive approach inherent in AI. I have selected and (with permission) reproduced material from the AI Commons which I thought would be of particular interest to visitors of this site.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has proven itself to be a wonderful way to get people really interested in each other and their future together within the context or organisation that the AI is conducted in.


A relatively new development or application of Appreciative Inquiry to Strategic Planning is the whole system framework or process called SOAR.

You will find some resources (and audio/visual presentation) concerning SOAR here (SOARing or Swotting?)


As mentioned below The AI Commons is a worldwide portal devoted to the fullest sharing of academic resources and practical tools on Appreciative Inquiry and the rapidly growing discipline of positive change.



There already is an excellent website that is an invaluable resource for Appreciative Inquiry practitioners and the public. It is an incredibly rich source of all manner of Appreciative Inquiry related material and is enthusiastically recommended by us as the premium site for all matters AI.

It is called The Appreciative Inquiry Commons  ( AI Commons) and we repeat our support and encourage all to visit there frequently. It is is fantastic site for all matters to do with AI. We express gratitude to Case Western Reserve University for sponsoring that very valuable site.

While I am at expressing gratitude I should state that not only everyone associated with the Appreciative Inquiry Commons and Case Western but also the AI Community – AI practitioners – that it has been my privilege to meet (mainly on line) are all, in my experience, very generous people.

This inclusive and outgoing – serving orientation is something I hope will be a notable feature of this website.

The purpose of this (Australasian) site is to make AI related resources and forums more easily available for people  in this area and particularly in or close to this  time zone (GMT + 10). Many of the resources will be – with permission – sourced from the Appreciative Inquiry Commons website

It is our intention to hold online training events, meetings and conferences all designed to promote the understanding and use of the AI approach. Indeed we hope to facilitate the building of an “online learning community” of people sharing an interest in AI and related strength based approaches to life’s’ challenges and opportunities.

Background of the First Australian online conference dealing with Appreciative Inquiry (see www.ispisydney.org.au/Conference/)

Although Appreciative Inquiry has a long (over 20 years) and illustrious history spanning the globe the author and CEO of the current sponsor of this site only “discovered” it in late 2004. It soon became apparent that, although there were some notable exceptions, Appreciative Inquiry, as an intervention or process methodology (and philosophy) that was found to work all over the world was virtually unknown in Australia.

This fact was raised at the Council meeting of the ISPI Sydney Chapter and fortunately for all of us,  a decision was made to support/convene the first Australian AI Conference. We very privileged in having many AI notables make presentations (over three days) and they included David Cooperrider (co-originator of AI), Bliss Brown (Imagine Chicago), Di Whitney and Marjorie Schiller. All AI pioneers and people clearly focused on making a positive contribution to society and their particular environments. This ONLINE conference was officially opened by, Thiagi, the International President of ISPI.

Access to these presentations will be made available to persons on receipt of an email request for same. [Request for Positive Improvement Conference Details]

This site is a resource for anyone interested in a new way of thinking about change and improvement. This will include leaders of change, scholars, students, and business managers.

It is proudly hosted by John Loty & Associates Pty Ltd.

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  1. Tim Dyke

    Can you please provide information on how to join the Australian AI Network?

    1. John Loty

      Sorry about the long delay in getting back to you Tim.
      I decided to retire (semi-retirement) over one year ago, meaning to keep this site up to date, and somehow
      the fact of retiring (which involved relocating from Sydney to Forster (mid-North Coast NSW) and adjusting to this new life style has
      occupied all of my time and I have returned to this website after a long absence to find your unanswered inquiry!
      The short answer is you can’t join the AI Network because it(or at least the one that I coordinated) no longer exists.

      I would, however, welcome a phone call (0411 809 404) or email message (focus@appreciativeinquiry.net.au OR johnloty22@gmail.com)
      to discuss AI and AI related issues at a mutually convenient time.

      Again, apologies for not attending to you enquiry much sooner.


      John Loty

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