AI at NutrimentaL: How did it happen?

Author: Larissa Marczak

Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH United States
Date 09/01/1998

Annotation: Nutrimental is a food company founded in Curitiba in 1968. Its business consists of dehydrating food. For many years Nutrimental worked only with the government that bought dehydrated food for federal institutions (schools, the army, hospitals and universities) and distributed it in the whole country. The government was Nutrimental’s main partner until 1992, then the new government decided to decentralize the purchase of food for all these institutions. Grasping for solutions, Nutrimental reached out to Appreciative Inquiry and embarked upon a journey that would lead them to huge profits within a year of beginning their change effort. JL Comment:The CEO went on to be invited to join high level advisorary gevernmental (national) position

Online Resources:  Visit and search for Nutrimental Foods

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