Love 2.0 by Barbara Fredrickson

Barbara Fredrickson, whose work on The Value of Positive Emotions, I (and lots of other folk throughout the world) have greatly appreciated is also the author of many  papers  on the theme and/or subject of Positive Emotions. I greatly enjoyed her book, Positivity and still use it as inspiration and for reviewing various positive emotions in my life.

Somehow her book Love 2.0 published 3 years ago slipped under my radar and I have just become aware of it and a number of related videos.

I just watched one of these videos and although its re-production (broadcasting) was less that optimal I am hoping that my posting it here will deliver the quality we have come to expect from Youtube.

Before I post the embed link to that video I also want to mention the June 2016 3rd Canadian conference on Positive Psychology at which she is one of several great keynote speakers

Visit for more info.

A 2 minute video about Love 2.0


Scroll down for the longer video that speaks to a broader and, to my mind, very useful explanation of love or moments of love that can arise and when they do – enlarge or broaden our view.

Dr Barbara Fredrickson ‘Love – a new lens on the science of thriving’ at Young Minds 2012 is here!

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