Organisational Development


Does your organisation need to improve – to change?


We invite you to consider a powerful way of introducing effective change; of “making things happen”; by using a process called SOAR.

SOAR is a strengths-based “whole system” approach to building cooperative, strategic capacity.


SOAR is an integrated method of strategic planning and a philosophy that works for all organisations. It is an appreciative approach that generates energy and enthusiasm for identified possibility.



 SOAR is an acronym from:









SOAR enables all stakeholders in the organisational system to see where they are today, then establish a vision and plan of action to get to where they want to go.


SOAR has evolved from Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI is an ‘asset based approach’ which focuses on your organisational strengths and recognising what is working well.


SOAR works because individuals clearly identify and understand the positive core of their organisation, then use this understanding to imagine new possibilities and opportunities for building strategic capacity and sustainable development.

The table below illustrates the SOAR Process:


Strategic Inquiry



What are our greatest assets



What are the best possible opportunities


Appreciative Intent



Who do we want to be

What is our preferred future



What are the measureable results we want to achieve



Strategic planning is an opportunity to help organisations to SOAR with their strengths, and to elevate an entire system’s innovation capacity from thought to result. It can be a way to generate the energy needed to accomplish and embed positive change.


This can be and usually is an exhilarating and fun process.


While strategic business planning is not often identified as an exhilarating process, use of the SOAR process can make this one of the pivotal and positive times in an organisation’s life.


When people are enjoying themselves and feeling good, they are more likely to create and innovate, energising and inspiring co-workers and colleagues to SOAR.


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